Install it from SD or other OTG devices and restart the phone!

Here also paid service available for following models:

A800I, G9200, G9208, G9209, G9200A, G920AZ, G920D, G920F, G920FD, G920FQ, G920I, G920K, G920L, G920R4, G920P, G920S, G920T, G920T1,G920V, G920W8, G9250, G925A, G925D, G925F, G925FQ, G925I, G925J, G925K, G925L, G925R4, G925S, G925T, G925V, G925W8, G925Z, G9280, G9287, G9287C, G928A, G928C, G928F, G928G, G928I, G928K, G928L, G928P, G928S, G928T, G928W8, N9200, N9208, N920A, N920C, N920F, N920G, N920I, N920K, N920L, N920P, N920S, N920T, N920W8, A800F, A800IZ, A800S, A800YZ, G150N0, G150NK, G150NL, G150NS, G155S, G361F, G361H, G361HU, G531F, G531H, G531M, G903F, G903M, J110M, J200BT, J200F, J200G, J200GU, J200M, J200Y, J500F, J500FN, J500G, J500H, J500M, J500N0, J500Y, J700F, J700H, J700M, N910K, N910L, N910S, T350, T355, T555, T555C, T715, T715C, T715N0, T715Y, T810, T815, T815C, T815N0, T815Y, T817, T817W.

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